Monday, June 8, 2009


hyeeeee (:

Nifah is a retard.That's why she's the most awesome friend ever.Okay I'm exaggerating now.Nifah,you're just a normal friend to me.HAHAHAHA.Jokes,jokes.I give you 5 stars for being an awesome friend ;)

Today was an alright day at school.The french dessert didn't turned up good as we expected.Ohhwell at least we had done it.Now,English assignment is No.1 for my to do list.We have to analyse the news.sounds fun?not at all.I mean like seriously,who cares about the camera shot/angles,language and etc.

I want to play badminton soo badly!The last time I played a proper badminton game was last year!Anddd I haven't play basket ball for ages.

Ohhohh I'm moving on to medium level in Guitar Hero:World Tour :D *clap clap*

I wanna say hyeee to;

Abeer.Hyeeee Abeer!You're my no.1 fan of this blog ayyy :)
Jesse Jane-the only normal people in my sports team :D
Alyea Abd Aziz.I LOVE talking to you && you always make my frown turn the other way round.ILY && IMYSDM!

I gtg.Neighbours starting ;)

Today's msg for Nifah:
did you said something bout going to city this Saturday?

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