Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey rain,nice to meet you :)

Hello world!As you all know I haven't blog for agesss..okay okay it has only been for 2 weeks.I stayed at home today as I have a runny nose && taking care of my sis who is also sick.Mum went somewhere for awhile to post some stuff.Before updating my blog,went to Jesse Jane's blog to read her yesterday's post for the 5th time xDD

Sooo..what to talk about?School life?It's getting better.I'm pretty much enjoying it.Especially during sports and cooking (: and GUESS WHAT?There is like 1 more week of school!I repeat,1 MORE FREAKING WEEK OF SCHOOL!gosh,time flies really fast.

It's currently raining outside :)

I seriously don't know what to write.Ohh ohh F.R.I.E.N.D.S is back on channel Ten!

I havent take a picture of myself for ages.Before,at least in a week I have like tons of new pictures in my phone and camera.Maybe I don't feel vain anymore? :s

My lil sis birthday is around the corner.No idea what to buy for her.She said she wants Wii from the beginning of the year.

Anyways gtg,mummy wanna use the comp && I'm going to take a hot shower now :)

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