Wednesday, June 3, 2009


'Today's Society & Environment was sponsored by McDonald' was what Mr.Bani said randomly as we walked out from the door at the end of the class.He thought it's funny.Sorry to say this sir,it's pretty lame.But on the other hand,you're good at making come back!

My nose was really runny at school.I could not blow my nose properly in my classes as I'm afraid that I would make an unimaginable loud disgusting noise.Even when I blow my nose carefully in Maths class,Ashley who sat beside me,gave me a disgusting look to me.Sorry Ashley,it's not my fault I've to blow my nose at that time or would you prefer I sneezed into your face? >:)

Fatin and I agreed that my woodwork teacher look a bit like Brad Pitt in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' ;)

OMG OMG OhhMyGoshhh!Have you guys watched the official trailer of Twilight's sequel aka New Moon?It's totally superb!Me and Naf were counting down together to watch it.I was like shrieking and shouting 'OMG' as the trailer finished.1 thing to say bout Taylor Lautner,HOT!Bravo,bravo Taylor Lautner you worked really hard to stay as Jacob Black.

Anyways,gtg.Neighbours going to start.Yes,I'm starting to watch neighbours :D

Todays' msg for Nifah:
Someone is being mean to me!I miss you alot :'(

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