Friday, June 12, 2009

mother nature,you made me smile.

Does man tends to have mood swings?Cause I think my woodwork teacher has it.Seriously!He was in a bad mood on wednesday and today's lesson he was happy and cheerful!Man this days*shaking head*

I found my USB cable for my dslr!It was in the drawer >.<" Anyways,here are some pictures that I wanted to upload since last week:
Notice the rainbow?

Enough of pictures.Finger cross that tomorrow will not rain as I'm going to the city with my friends!*screaming with joy*The last time we met was umm 2 weeks ago.yes it has been for ages! xDD

Myspace is getting boring while FB is getting better :)

My bag was very light as I don't have Maths and Science today.I even left my S&E stuff because we were in the library for the career stuff.

Ohh ohh I watched 'Iron Man' today!Like at last ayy.Already owned the DVD since last year but feel like watching it TODAY since there was nothing interesting on the TV.I'm not a big fan of action movies but as soon as the movie started,I LOVE IT!There's going to be 'Iron Man 2' right?

According to Jesse Jane,we(camilla,her and me)are sooo strong cause we could carry a 5kg weight lifting with both of our arms.Yeah man!Be jealous xDD

Today's msg for nifah:
Bubble Tea!Gloria Jeans!time to get hyper-active xD

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