Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh nature;

Today was such a horrible day for me.The only thing that kept me smiling was the rain.Somehow it reminds me of my primary school memories in M'sia*sighh* I miss M'sia :'(

And I miss my old friends.I'm so jealous when I saw other people laughing with their friends in a perfect weather.I would be like them laughing happily if I'm with my beloved friends.

Because it was raining,we don't have to do cricket(thank god!).We went to the basement gym instead.The last 10 minutes of the lesson me,Camilla and Jesse played 'I spy' for 1 minute and a game that I don't know what it is called >.<" I'm going to the city with my friends this saturday!I'm exciteddd >.<

I decided to take photography as my non-TEE subject \(^.^)/

Ohh ohh Camilla!you're a normal person too ;)

Okay gtg,ciao!

Todays msg for Nifah:
Cyaaa on saturday!

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