Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm sick right now.As in flu sick not sick minded.But I have been sick minded since last year.Wink wink to you Nifah.Have you guys realized that staying at home on school days is AWESOME?It's HELL AWESOME for me!You get to sleep in till you feel like waking up,eat anytime && my fav part,watching TV!I watched Ellen and Oprah today.The con is,it's a freaking old episode!I'm truly dissapointed*shaking head*

Moving on,my sis is keeping a distance from me.why?Because she assume that I have the so call swine flu.I was like 'wth?'.It's just a normal flu my little dear spoil brat sis.Hopefully you will get it so I will tease you!MWAHAHAHAHA!

I seriously need a book to read.I want to read 'Inkheart'.I already watched the movie which is awesome by the way.At my school library,there's only 'Inkspell' and 'Inkdeath'.

Ohh ohh I'm waiting for my beloved cousin,Farha Fathil aka K.Dolly,to buy me the first season of Gossip Girl's DVD in US.She demand me not to buy because she wants to buy it for me.I will wait for it patiently.

I wanna say hye to all the family members that reads my blog.HYEEEE :) Please say hye back in the box on your right ---> cheers!

Anyways,I wanna sleep,the medicine makes me feel drowsy

Todays msg for Nifah:
Love you lots ;)

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