Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As I predicted,it never lasted.

Hello there!
School holidays is coming to an end once again.A bit sad but somehow happy :)
What have I done during the school hols?Well,lets put in dot points(nifah's style)
  • I watched Transformers 2 which btw is AWESOME (Y)
  • Went to sleepover at Nasyrah's house
  • Went to Nifah's house to annoyed her :DD
  • Made(or decorated to be exact)cupcakes
  • Sang like a maniac with Singstar ;D
  • Cried my eyes out reading 'P.S. I LOVE YOU'
  • Finished my one and only holiday homework(maths)
  • Met Rizka && Hadiah unexpectedly at Carousel
  • Ate waffle at Gelare ;D
Yesterday I went to Nifah's house while the other family members and 2 lil kids that tagged along went to play Supa Golf at Melville(I think).Had a fun a day with nifah and her touch screen calculator.Yes,AIC is using a touchscreen calculator while I'm stuck with a normal scientific calculator that used to be owned by my big brother.

Anyways,got to go.Going to have another waffle.At South Perth's Gelare this time :D

p/s:my brother call the new HP movie 'Bloody Harry' retard ;D

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