Monday, July 6, 2009

Cause I want it to last.

Hyeeeeeeeeee (:

Jesse asked me to update the blog.There's even a proof for it!Just read at the chatbox thingy :D

Just screamed at my sis.She's simply annoying yet I love her till death(cause she owns the cool stuff :D).She wants to watch ABC channel.Yes,the target audience for the channel is for little kids around her age and younger.I'm freaking 15 y/o!I want to watch the news not because I want to feel grown up-ish nor nerd-ish.Some people looked at me weirdly when I raised my hand when the teacher asked 'who watch the news EVERYDAY.'

OMG anyone watched MJ's memorial?Well it started around12.20 and ends at 4.40 am.Yes,AM!Thats how late I slept because I watched the whole thing.It was very emotional.I couldn't recall how many times I cried.Some of you might think I'm a stupid girl for crying.But hey,this is MJ.The musical genius that changed the world for a better place and made the habitats of the earth aka humans smiled every time they listened to his songs.He gone too soon but that's life.Life is unpredictable.

It's the 3rd day of school hols.So far so good.I been to a sleepover and watched Transformers 2.My 2 and a half hours of life was not wasted for that movie.It was supebly freaking awesome.I love bumble bee && optimus prime (Y)

So there Jesse,I updated my blog.Hope you're having a nice hols! :)

Nifah,I miss you.When can we meet?

And goodbye Michael Jackson for the last time :')

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