Friday, July 17, 2009

What the duck?

'Yesterday I remember thinking I was the happiest person in the whole earth,in the galaxy,in all God's creation. Could that only been yesterday or was it endless light-years ago?'

Currently listening to my brother's Ipod cause I can't be bother getting mine >.<
I'm going to City tomorrow with Rizka and Nurul.I don't know if anyone else is coming.Poor nifah could not follow us because she's grounded :P

Sitting quitely beside me is my lil sis still in her PJ's playing PS2.She's playing...No.not barbie game(eww) and no,not bratz game.She's playing FIFA 06 :D

Talking about barbie and bratz.I never ever played with dolls when I was an innocent-cute-hyper lil kid.I never liked those stuff.Well,I was a tomboy.Hate everything that stereotypes a girl.Like;pink color,DRESS,dolls and etc.I always wanted to wear like my brother.T-shirt and pants.

I been daydreaming of living somewhere else than here,Perth.What would it be like if my mum choose US or United Kingdom?I been doing quite alot of daydreaming during this school holidays.

anyways,I will update this blog when I'm in a good mood to sign in :D

'I will never let you part.For you're always in my heart<3'

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