Monday, August 31, 2009

Could it be magic?

When your 1st day of the week is dreadful,the rest of the week will be awe-inspring right?I hope mine's will.Today was an exhausted day.My head was agonized with all the maths equation.Maths does not make me calm anymore.I feel more anxious each time I put my head down with my pink Faber Castle lead pencil answering all sorts of problems.I feel distraught if the person next to me looks at my answers finding that I got it all wrong.Is it normal to be paranoid or is it just me being insane?

During S&E,we watched a movie about Hitler.My point of view,he was evil because of his parents.Hitler's mother made him feel ego-centric.Will Holocaust still existed if Hitler wasn't ego-centric.Perharps WW2 wouldn't be started if Alois treated him with loves.

The excitement for Eid is rushing through my body each day I woke up on my single bed.This year's Eid falls on 3 person's B'day.Gosh,thats alot of presents to buy!

My blog makes people-or maybe it's just only 1 person-happy.Wouldn't you be mellow if you're making one person's life happier?I do :) Yes Abeer,you make my heart mellow.Maybe flattered is the precise word.

I had an ever lasting conversation with my dad just to say bye.Dad,please concentrate on your work! :P

C feels like A is not in the mood to talk.Why?A,you're making C's heart aching.How could you do such thing?Could it be A's species respond with only 1 word?

Why do I keep talking about A and C?And,whats with all the question marks?There you go,I just used a question mark >.>

Earth,I'm trying to save you.I hate littering.Hold on ok.I'm trying my best to save your life.

I'm off to my dinner table with multicultural food are served.


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