Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't get involved in an ABC situation.

For Nifah's sake,I will update my blog.

What if,C likes A.However,C is afraid that by liking A it could damage their friendship.What advice should B gives to C.Will A be heart broken if C confess?

I have something to tell you.I have...a boring life.How sad right?A 15 y/o teenager suppose to have a wild(?)-rebellious-full of laughters life.I did live like that once upon a time.Now,it seems like my laughters are fake,my crooked smile are fake.No,my friends are not fake.

One advice from me.Never talk bad about your teacher.Why?I nearly trip over because of my intention to say 'mean' stuff about my Sports teacher.

I scan some pictures when I was a cute little girl >.<

There you go Nifah,I updated my blog.Sorry I don't have any interesting story to type as I'm not feeling 'inspirational'.
Hello to Baine & Abeer (:

A,C wants to confess but clueless what could happened if the words that came out makes your smile upside down.

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