Sunday, August 30, 2009

The fact that you do smile,made me dazzled

The pain makes it more worse to laugh and walk.As if someone is punching me every time I laugh or walk.I'm positive this pain will go away in a few days.I hope so.Everyone says it's common to have this pain when you're teenage girl living with the menstrual cycle.
The TCA was on channel Ten at 12 o'clock.Started to vomit-not literally-when I saw Jonas Brothers face.Made me wonder why does the psycho teenagers have crush on them.Their music does not interest me.Their looks are 6.5/10.Well it's my opinion.Mega vomited-once again not literally-when the owner of a fat/chubby face saw the face of a girl name Miley Cyrus.Whats with the pole dancing?

No more talking/typing about Disney Stars.What did you just said?Of course once upon a time I had crush on Disney Stars.

'Create a promotional campaign that gives an adolescent the information that can allow them to date safely.'

Why can't they just use Google?Makes my life easier.

People kept asking me about Ramadan the last few days during class time,recess and lunch.I don't mind answering a few questions a day but if you're asking an endless questions each period,use Google conceding that you're very interested in Ramadan.That's why whoever created google created it,in order to make people's life easier.

I have to choose between Economics or History.I was interested in Economics early in the year.However,recent assignments made me realized Economics is interminable.
I must go now.Visitors are coming soon for an Iftar.Plus,an assignment due this Friday is waiting for me.

Sorry lilttle sis for eating infront of you while you're starving yourself >:D


Nifah,did you had fun yesterday? ;)

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