Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running around like a clown on purpose.

I'm dying.Ok I'm exagerrating.I'm perfectly fine actually.I'm just being a drama queen thinking that I will die from not listening to my I-pod for one whole month.Well it's for a good reason.My I-pod is my 2nd bestfriend.First bestfriend is Brian the teddy bear.Yer,my 2 bestfriends are not real life people.Got a prob? >:D

So I did the 40 hours famine.I gave up technology and be a vegetarian.The giving up technology was easy for me but being the vegetarian was a tad hard.Yusri's family eats a lot of meats ok!Doing the 40 hours famine made me realized that technology is everywhere.

It's the fasting month once again.Quite happy with it cause I really need to lose some weight before the river cruise.OMG OMG RIVER CRUISEEEE!It's on the last week of Term 4 :D

School life is getting better.I got 2nd highest in my recent maths test and moved to a higher maths class.New class,new people.I sit in front of the class,like usual.On my right is Jesse (YEAY!) and on my left is Paul who always smells like mothers(the energy drink).
TAAR is on Rove tonight!OMG!

Mika's new single is awesome (Y) The title is We're Golden
I updated my blog Abeeeeeeer :P I promise I will not be an emo ever again :)

Enjoy life people!

webcam moment (:

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