Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had a lovely day today.On a second thought,I'm quite disappointed with myself.I never managed to sit still and engross all those petulant facts and formulas.I'm easily distracted with the ambient.One minute I was running downstairs with my DSLR and another minute you'll find me watching E! News.

Seriously,how does a person managed to concentrate studying for a quite long period?

The only thing that motivates me to keep studying is my ultimate goal - getting out of this country.As much as I love this country,I can't stand the idea of living on this land for the rest of my life.The reckless drivers,the never ending crimes,the politicians and not having a complete freedom.Definitely not going to miss it.

But till the day I board on a plane to leave this place,I must have 110% determination and concentration on my studies.Surely wasting hours on Facebook doesn't help with my future!

Well,that's me talking trashy.You might find me wasting my time on Facebook after this...or I'll appreciate the unlimited time to do some Accounts and maybe some Add Maths after that.

Goodnight.Au revoir :)

P/s:The tailor said I'm getting slimmer hehehe LOL wth.

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