Monday, February 14, 2011


Quite frankly,am I truly a matured 17 years old lady?Am I capable to make my own decisions?Am I so matured till I know which one is wrong and right?

I've only grown a year older and maybe a tad wiser.People around me have an assumption that I'm definitely taking/choosing the right path and I'm capable to grasp the thing at the end of it.Well,what is this path actually leading to?Is it really what I wanted by walking through it?

Here's the problem : I haven't choose any path yet.

I don't even know which path to choose.The idea of choosing one path out of God knows how many terrifies me.Can I go back and restart if it has a bumpy road?Hold on,life is a bumpy road.You achieved something by getting through those bumpy road.

What I'm trying to say is...being the Queen of Narnia is really hard.Hahaha jk!

Soon,I'm going to fly away from my nest - reluctantly.Whatever,however,I'm definitely going to be soaring up in the sky.

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