Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It was easier to update my blog back in 2009 when I was just a 14 years old teenage kid.I typed with a happy face whilst trying to reminisce what had happened on that particular day.As I can recall,my day was never dull.I'm always up to something with my best friend beside me.The dynamic Asian duo?Hahaha.

Not much of difference with my life now days compared to my 2009's life.Just different age,country and personality.Personality?Yeah,I was definitely a whacky-random-giddy-retarded self back in the days.Now,I try to suppress the 'whacky-random-giddy-retarded self'.My point is,now that I'm a 17 years old,I must act more matured and maybe not having an overboard personality?I don't know.Maybe it's just me having a hatred feeling towards people who acts like a lil kid.I'm not saying I don't act like a lil kid at all,it's just...there's a limit to everything right?

And being a 17 years old mean it's time to shut down the laptop and sit for 2 hours for Physics :D

Au revoir :)

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Nifah said...

guess who ??
heh heh, I actually agree with you 100% on that post of yours aina. I miss the good old days of being hyper happy kids...
being 17 sucks
especially with all the school work,
good luck aina
and take care bum