Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm scared.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It was easier to update my blog back in 2009 when I was just a 14 years old teenage kid.I typed with a happy face whilst trying to reminisce what had happened on that particular day.As I can recall,my day was never dull.I'm always up to something with my best friend beside me.The dynamic Asian duo?Hahaha.

Not much of difference with my life now days compared to my 2009's life.Just different age,country and personality.Personality?Yeah,I was definitely a whacky-random-giddy-retarded self back in the days.Now,I try to suppress the 'whacky-random-giddy-retarded self'.My point is,now that I'm a 17 years old,I must act more matured and maybe not having an overboard personality?I don't know.Maybe it's just me having a hatred feeling towards people who acts like a lil kid.I'm not saying I don't act like a lil kid at all,it's just...there's a limit to everything right?

And being a 17 years old mean it's time to shut down the laptop and sit for 2 hours for Physics :D

Au revoir :)

That simple word with a small hand gesture from that boy managed to make myself go delirious.What is wrong with you Aina?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had a lovely day today.On a second thought,I'm quite disappointed with myself.I never managed to sit still and engross all those petulant facts and formulas.I'm easily distracted with the ambient.One minute I was running downstairs with my DSLR and another minute you'll find me watching E! News.

Seriously,how does a person managed to concentrate studying for a quite long period?

The only thing that motivates me to keep studying is my ultimate goal - getting out of this country.As much as I love this country,I can't stand the idea of living on this land for the rest of my life.The reckless drivers,the never ending crimes,the politicians and not having a complete freedom.Definitely not going to miss it.

But till the day I board on a plane to leave this place,I must have 110% determination and concentration on my studies.Surely wasting hours on Facebook doesn't help with my future!

Well,that's me talking trashy.You might find me wasting my time on Facebook after this...or I'll appreciate the unlimited time to do some Accounts and maybe some Add Maths after that.

Goodnight.Au revoir :)

P/s:The tailor said I'm getting slimmer hehehe LOL wth.


Monday, February 14, 2011


It was a delicate photo.I was mesmerized when first saw it.

Then,the feeling of envy trailed along.When I feel envy towards someone/something,I tend to be a pessimist.I absorb all those negativity thoughts into this soul of mine.I'm never and will never be satisfied for who I am.Is it just me or is it part of human nature?I need someone who can motivate me to be optimistic.Someone who can make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

And the paranoid feeling of those aggravating stares and judgments.Seriously,I don't want to feel paranoid of such a nonsense thing!Stares?Judgments?Does the civilization even do that when I'm walking in public?

Ok,I'm sleepy hence the reason for those what-the-hell-is-this-woman-on-about paragraphs.

Goodnight.Au revoir :)


Quite frankly,am I truly a matured 17 years old lady?Am I capable to make my own decisions?Am I so matured till I know which one is wrong and right?

I've only grown a year older and maybe a tad wiser.People around me have an assumption that I'm definitely taking/choosing the right path and I'm capable to grasp the thing at the end of it.Well,what is this path actually leading to?Is it really what I wanted by walking through it?

Here's the problem : I haven't choose any path yet.

I don't even know which path to choose.The idea of choosing one path out of God knows how many terrifies me.Can I go back and restart if it has a bumpy road?Hold on,life is a bumpy road.You achieved something by getting through those bumpy road.

What I'm trying to say is...being the Queen of Narnia is really hard.Hahaha jk!

Soon,I'm going to fly away from my nest - reluctantly.Whatever,however,I'm definitely going to be soaring up in the sky.